Knights of Pen and Paper 2
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The Ultimate Role-Playing Simulation Returns!

  • Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a great little RPG that presents excellent value for money with much to love

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  • This gem has truly won a place in my heart

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  • Like the original, only better


Knight of Pen and Paper Plus One Edition

Turn-based combat system

Assemble the party of your choice, picking your players -- and now, their races, like Dwarf or Elf! Unlock new content with the blood, sweat, and luck of your party's ingenuity and dice rolls!

Knight of Pen and Paper Haunted Fall

Customization and Crafting

Will your party include a Rocker Dwarf Warrior or a Cheerleader Elf Monk? Customize everything from your battle encounters to your Game Master's basement!


Explore a World of Quests and Loot

Gather your adventurers and ride forth into a world of pen and paper, and discover the newest threat to the realm of Paperos. All the fun of a pen and paper RPG with none of the lost dice!

Knights of Pen & Paper 2® is an RPG with retro art, classic turn-based battles, and an endless parade of monsters, loot, and humor! Assemble your party and control both the players and the Game Master as you fight, loot, and laugh your way to glory!

12th International Mobile Gaming Awards - Excellence in Storytelling